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हम हैं… सदा ही… आपके लिये…

Vastu Shastra (Versus) is an old Hindu arrangement of engineering and plan that likewise typifies conventional Buddhist convictions. It is a real sense implies the ‘study of staying’ and expects to accomplish concordance and prosperous living by killing negative energies and upgrading the positive ones. Very much like Feng Shui, it tends to be applied to structures with the expectation that they will turn out to be better placed for the essence.

Vastu Shastra is the composed piece of Vastu Vidya – the old more extensive speculations of engineering and plan from antiquated India.

At the center of Vastu Shastra is the possibility that energy is surrounding us, some of which decidedly affect people and some pessimistic. Taking out the negative and improving the positive in any area will help to build tenants – whether people, families, or organizations – to become more prosperous and moderate as well as to suspect an act emphatically. Such ‘improved’ places are professed to be more on top of ‘the life-giving force of earth’, assisting individuals with carrying on with adjusted and blissful lives.

As per defenders of Vastu Shastra, on the off chance that a structure isn’t built by Versus standards, the impact on those living or working there will be an absence of concordance and movement, prompting a decrease in riches, disease, and, surprisingly, the demise of friends and family.